Former Steeler Greg Lloyd wants to watch the Browns game at your place. Hope you're armed!

Greg Lloyd, in a rare moment without his gun.
September 14, 2008 has been circled on your calendar since the NFL released its schedule. Actually, it’s been circled twice – once in orange and once in brown. Sunday Night Football. Browns vs. Steelers. Decrepit Rust Belt Hamlet vs. Decrepit Rust Belt Hamlet with Hills. Good vs. Evil. Since it’s already June, we imagine the checklist for your watch party is almost complete: Sixty-inch flatscreen, bought with the stimulus check you should have put toward the Visa card; twenty “Steelers Suck” mock terrible towels; “%$*# the Steelers” flatware with the image of Calvin pissing on a Pittsburgh helmet; lucky Bernie Kosar action figure; five kegs of the cheapest beer you could find; Tim Couch jersey with the name taped off and a haphazard permanent marker spelling of your last name. All you’re missing, really, is a former Steelers player to sit on your couch and take all the venom, hatred, and vulgar jokes you and your friends can think of. That’s where former Pittsburgh linebacker Greg Lloyd comes in. ...
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