Four Guys Rob Salvation Army Bell-Ringer at Knife Point (Updated)

Give us the can, and no one gets hurt.
  • "Give us the can, and no one gets hurt."

Update: That Salvation Army worker who claimed he was robbed at knife point by four guys who raided his kettle? Yeah, he was never robbed at all. He stole the money and concocted the story to cover his tracks.

Police now say that Kevin J. Weitzel lifted about $235. He's now charged with theft and falsification, according to 19 Action News.

And thus we have an answer to the question: Who is worse than a guy that robs a Salvation Army worker? The Salvation Army worker who steals the dough himself and then says he got robbed. — Grzegorek


The drumbeat of end times. The crumbling of western civilization. The decay of decency. Call it what you want, but this story out of North Canton just gives the apocalypse-inclined among us further ammo that the things are off in a bad way. This is just plain mean.

The AP reports that four guys in North Canton robbed a Salvation Army bell-ringer outside of local Kmart. They drew a knife on the poor guy and demanded he hand over the red kettle people dump their change in as they're walking in and out of the store. Yeah, not just one cracked-out guy — four guys. One two three four human beings actually brainstormed this scheme. Yeah yeah, there's a recession on and all, but come on, you need some extra change for beer money so you go after the bell-ringer?

North Canton police say they don’t know how much donated money was in the kettle when it was taken Saturday evening.

Police Sgt. Frank Kemp tells WJW-TV the four men, all wearing dark clothing and hoodies, threatened to use the knife. Kemp says the bell-ringer followed the Salvation Army’s standard procedure in such cases and did not put up a struggle. The robbers took off on foot.

Police are asking for tips to help find them

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