Fox 8 Discovers Akron Meth Squad

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Over on Fox 8, reporter Dave Nethers has a great exclusive story on a group of Akron police officers who work the meth beat. The station road shotgun with these dedicated cops while they toured the city sniffing down illegal and dangerous labs . . . hold on . . . this sounds familiar . . . oh, that's right, I wrote that exact same story three weeks ago.

Hey, what Fox 8 lacks in originality they've made up for in spotting good copy. Call us biased, but even though the station interviewed the exact same cops and featured the stats that were in our cover story, the TV version lacks the high drama and chiseled prose of the original. Also, they don't have a scene with a sex party.

We kid, we kid. If you read this blog, you know we borrow news stories all the time, but, hey, Fox 8, there's a subtle art involved: Opening joke, attribution, block quote, closing joke, preferably something involving a moob. Bam. Journalism.

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