Frank Russo Does Volunteer Work Now, Puff Piece Proves


WKYC managed to conveniently bump into former auditor Frank Russo on Easter Sunday while the Feds' star witness slung meals at St. Augustine's. Channel 3 managed to get a two-minute puff piece out of the random encounter which taught us that Russo a) volunteers there every day, and b) still has fabulous taste in eye-wear.

He's even been promoted to GED teacher at Augustine's for the small donation he made moments after hinting he didn't want to work with food anymore outstanding work.

Listen, we don't doubt there's some good in Russo somewhere. Probably in the third drawer buried beneath a zebra-print shirt. And in the interest of full-disclosure, we reached out to his lawyers hoping to land a sit-down to talk about his life as the county's biggest rat. But come on, WKYC. There's certainly more bling for the buck in how Russo spends the other hours of his carefree days with so much cash to blow time to kill.

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