Frank Russo Has Anxiety Problems, Maybe Celebrated Bridget McCafferty's Conviction With Food


Of all the notable developments in the Cuyahoga County corruption escapades, no tidbit is simultaneously as inconsequential and hilarious as these

The PD reports:

Russo testified in federal court Monday that he occasionally had been taking the anti-anxiety medication Diazepam — also known as Valium — since 2006. But in March, as he prepared to testify against McCafferty, he told his probation officer that his bouts of anxiety were increasing. She recommended counseling.

McCafferty and her lawyers think the jury should have known this information since they might have thought less of Frank Russo's testimony in light of the Valium update. (We, it should be noted, would have thought more highly of Frank, especially if he takes the Valium with scotch. You're staring down the barrel of a 22-year prison term. Wouldn't you pop a pill?)

The second tidbit:

Murray [a McCafferty lawyer] followed up with a question:

"Did you celebrate the day after [McCafferty's] conviction at a restaurant?"

But Lioi did not allow Russo to answer. She cautioned the lawyer and had the question stricken from the record.

Wait, is Murray asking whether Russo ate food after testifying? Because we're pretty sure that's not important.

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