Frank Russo Likely to Testify Against Jimmy Dimora

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Loyalties tend to go out with the window when you're staring down the barrel of a 22-year prison term.

Frank Russo, who had previously stipulated in his plea deal that he would not testify against others in the government's Cuyahoga County corruption cases, changed his tune yesterday. The new tune being that of a bird.

The Plain Dealer reports that Russo has given up the "snitches get stitches" mantra and will now testify against Jimmy Dimora and the rest of the Cuyahoga County Corruption All Stars. Russo seems to be angling for a lightened sentence, one four or five years shorter than the nearly 22 years he's looking at now.

What does this flip-flop from Russo mean for Dimora and the gang? And what does this mean for Russo's sentence? And how is Russo going to pay the ordered $7 million restitution?

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