Friday Mugshot Matchup

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A new Friday tradition is born today: The Mugshot Matchup! Each week we'll post a handful of our favorite mugshots from the week and ask you to match the face to the crime they allegedly committed. Let's get going, shall we?





And here are the crimes. Answers after the jump.

A — This fella was a wanted fugitive for a shooting. Cops found and arrested him while he was in the shower this week.

B — This mensch allegedly stole a ton of money from the Children's Miracle Network, making him the not only one of our Mugshot of the Week finalists, but also a winner in the Grinch of the Month category.

C— This sprite young guy escaped a prison transport van, only to be collected the next day by authorities. He was sentenced to four years in jail this week.

D — This pyromaniac set a children's playground on fire and was convicted of arson.

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