'Geraldo in Cleveland' Show on WTAM Ending This Week After Four Years on the Air

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Geraldo in Cleveland is coming to an end - WTAM
Geraldo in Cleveland is coming to an end

Geraldo Rivera this morning announced on 'Geraldo in Cleveland' on WTAM that this Friday's show will be his last at the station, saying that an increased workload at Fox News leaves him unable to continue doing his local hourlong program.

"I've put off thinking about it today, because it upsets me, when I wrap my mind around it," Rivera said. "I can't delay saying it anymore, but this Friday will be my last broadcast here on 'Geraldo in Cleveland.' We started four years ago and it's been a wild and wonderful journey in many ways, particularly when I was friends with the 45th President of the United States and could bring you exclusives right from the White House."

Rivera then took a few minutes to explain once again how that relationship ended.

"That friendship fell apart when the President refused to recognize the results of the 2020 election, and so like William Bar, and like Chris Wallace at Fox News, we decided that we could no longer support Donald Trump, and I felt that history justified my decision, watching his, what I thought, irrational conduct following the election and up to Jan. 6 and the shame of the Capitol Hill invasion."

Rivera's refusal to buy into the Big Lie, he said this morning, also impacted his relationship with WTAM listeners.

"I think many of you also saw me in a different light when I became an opponent of President Trump, while still feeling justified in my support of the President during his tenure in office," he said. "I thought he was underrated, assailed by many enemies... They really tried to impeach him from the day he took office, it was very unfair. I defended him then watched with trepidation when he refused to acknowledge the results of the election."

Rivera's role as co-host of The Five on Fox and his work on Fox & Friends, he said, means that with flying back and forth to New York all week to film the shows he has little bandwidth to give to 'Geraldo in Cleveland.'

"I'm almost 79 years old, and it's become a real physical and psychological burden," he said."I've had a wonderful time speaking with you and becoming part of the community and talking about probelms in the city. It's been a wonderful ride. I just can't do it anymore."

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