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d570/1245704706-giffels.jpgToday, Harper releases the paperback edition of All the Way Home: Building a Family in a Falling-Down House, the well-received memoir from Akron's David Giffels, the Difficult frontman, former Beacon Journal columnist, Beavis and Butthead writer, and co-author of a Devo book. Giffels' third book tells the exacting tale of buying, restoring, and living in a collapsing Rubber City mansion. It's like The Money Pit, but more poignant, and with more musical references. The paperback edition has extra pictures that weren't in the hardback.

"I really like being part of a community of younger people who openly and unironically embrace Akron as our hometown, and who don't need anyone to explain to them why this is an excellent place to be and to be from," Giffels told Scene when the book was first released. "But I'm constantly running up against people who do need that to be explained to them, so I'm willing to do it. There's an inexpensive quality of life here that is worth bragging about."

To commemorate the paperback release, Giffels has — in his words — "succumbed to the Digital Industrial Complex" and launched his own website. — D.X. Ferris

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