Girl Almost Grabbed in Kent, Fights Off Suspect (Updated)

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Unfortunately, a missing arm wont easily identify this suspect.
  • Unfortunately, a missing arm won't easily identify this suspect.

Update: Turns out the girl was BSing everyone. According to 19ActionNews, the Kent police dismantled the girl's account of the near-kidnapping and determined it was fantasyland through and through.


There’s an all-points out in Kent on a suspected kid-snatcher. Luckily, the little girl this alleged perv tried to grab was well-versed in the art of self-defense, playground-style.

According to 19ActionNews, the incident happened at the corner of Anita Drive and Simon Lane. Around 3:30 Wednesday afternoon the 8-year-old girl was out for a stroll when the suspect grabbed her arm. She went all kick-ass on him, raining down the blows and biting the guy until he fled. The girl ran home to mom, who dialed-up police.

Police say the suspect is white, brown hair, blue-green eyes, last seen in a dark shirt and tan pants. Not very much detail, but it's a start.

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