Girl in Skunk Costume Accidentally Shot by Trigger-Happy Relative

See, skunk, child. Skunk, child. There is a difference.
  • See, skunk, child. Skunk, child. There is a difference.

This story happened outside our usual jurisdiction of newsworthiness, but the event unfolded just over the state line in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, hill country that's just as much an exburb of Youngstown as of Pittsburgh. The story also earns your time due to how sorry and screwed up it is.

According to the the local paper in New Sewickley Township, your standard-fare Halloween celebration went disastrously wrong over the weekend, resulting in serious injuries to a 9-year-old girl.

The unnamed girl was at the party dressed as a skunk, a get-up that comprised “a black costume and a black hat with white tassel.” When the kids were running around outside, a male relative, also unidentified, thought he spotted an actual skunk. So he did what anyone would do: he got a gun and starting flinging rounds at the animal.

You know where this is going: Unfortunately, horribly, it was only the girl in costume. The shotgun blast struck in the girl's arm, shoulder, back and neck. She was life-flighted to Pittsburgh, and recent reports have not yet coughed up her current condition, although she was responsive on the flight.

Police say the shooter was not drunk at the time of the shooting. Nope, not drunk, just an idiot whose initial reaction to seeing a skunk is gun-play. We're anxious to see how the NRA is going to pretzel-twist this one around into Obama and the media's fault.

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