Gore in the E.R.

Letters published November 17, 2004

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Napalm Death Agora Theatre Sunday, November 14
Gore in the E.R.
Dishonored doc bloodied more than his rep:
Concerning your story about the credibility of Dr. Patrick ["Playing Doctor," October 27]: In 1991, I was 16 years old, and I came to the emergency room in Hillsboro for a severe nosebleed. Dr. Patrick inserted a device up my nose called a balloon. It was inserted too far and created complications and severe pain. I had bleeding for the next 16 hours. The next day, my family doctor was disgusted that this had been done in such a manner.

My parents complained to the hospital, but did not pursue it any further. Until today, I did not realize that Dr. Patrick was not legally a doctor or that his credentials are questionable, but it makes perfect sense to me. His professional demeanor was ridiculous, and his skills and decisions were even worse. Even the E.R. nurses spoke of his work in the E.R. as horrible.

I appreciate the investigative reporting. It opened my eyes after all these years. Hopefully he will not be able to hurt anyone else after this.

Dirk Puckett, Paramedic

Cop in the Shop
Gotta give him points for attendance:
My family has been in business for 75 years. We know plenty about the community and how it's changed over the years. I know Patrolman Kevin Fischbach, as do many on the near West Side ["Badge of Dishonor," October 13]. He's a good cop.

Over the years, there's been less and less presence of city officials and cops in the neighborhood. Sure, they might be seen driving around once in a while, but who are they? Patrolman Fischbach actually visits our shop. He's one of the cops who still does that, exchanging stories and news, and passing the time of day. It would be a serious mischaracterization to say that he has a dark and dishonorable side, or that he is a psycho.

Some palooka thought it would be OK to stalk and intimidate this cop in order to keep a leash on his wife, even after separating from her. Fischbach is a guy with a huge sense of humor and deep discipline. I hope his humor and outlook remain intact, despite the bullshit you published and the bullshit of a liberal judge. That judge wants to punish this cop to make the palooka stalker feel better about himself.

We need cops like Fischbach on the streets. We don't need a bunch of smart-ass newspaper writers constantly distorting the truth.

Nick Lakatos

Head for the Hills
Maybe a ditch would do for Dennis:
It seems like the region's in a contest with itself to see how long it can keep incompetent people on the public dole [Kotz: "Who's the Devil," October 27]. On the brighter side, though, it's still all relative. Compared to Kucinich, Jane Campbell belongs on Mount Rushmore.

David Dalton

Vote Nader
For president -- of the Rock Hall:
If you actually believe that the Secret Service didn't recognize Peter Camejo, who debated and ran against Arnold Schwarzenegger in the California gubernatorial race and who is the first person of Venezuelan origin and native Spanish speaker to run as a candidate for a national office, then you probably do believe it's cute to use "traitor" because it rhymes with "Nader" ["First Punch: Nader's Traitors," October 13].

Nader is the only candidate who thinks induction ceremonies for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should be in Cleveland -- but maybe you enjoy the trips out of town.

Steve Conn
Seward, Alaska

Bashing the B.S.A.
Beware proliferating obfuscation:
If changes are being made to strengthen and enhance the Pipestone program as a result of James Renner's inquiries, I appreciate the effort ["A Brave Never Tells," October 6]. However, I seriously doubt that was his real intent.

Throughout his exposé, it never becomes clear whether his vendetta is against Pipestone or the B.S.A. policy regarding gays, or both. Then again, he has my congratulations for maintaining his youthful ignorance of sexual matters until he was 16.

I'm not sure about the hang-up with secrecy, though. I have to wonder whether he harbors the same ill feeling toward other fraternal organizations that may have even a small measure of secrecy as part of their structure and heritage. Who will he take on next -- the Masonic Temple, the Knights of Columbus, the Lions?

I cannot vouch for what has transpired during the past 80 years of Pipestone, but Renner's weaving in and out of isolated and disjointed events in an attempt to discredit the entire program only brings to mind that he is well on the way to becoming yet another expert of journalistic obfuscation.

Bernie Miner

Way to screw up a sentimental journey: I knew well many of the people that Renner mentions in his article. I cannot tell you how disgusted I am with what he's done. He has single-handedly attempted to destroy a program that has done so much in aiding a young man's journey to adulthood. In a time when there exists no cultural system of positive initiation, Renner sets out to villainize one of the last remaining programs attempting to do just that. I went through the program and am a better man for it today.

I am equally disheartened that he misled people in e-mails and then printed parts of their responses without their knowledge. Given that all of the stories in his article are nearly 10 years old now, it is clear that Renner's aim was not to advance anything but his own career.

Eric Matheny

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