Governor Kasich Not Interested in Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

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Help, not handcuffs.
  • Help, not handcuffs.

Year one of John Kasich’s time behind the desk was marked with a lot of bullish and baiting commentary issuing out of governor’s mouth. Now it seems like the governor is trying to turn around his public image and show Ohio he’s got a warm gooey center just like the rest of us — even if that means pulling back from his own party’s hardline agenda points.

This week Kasich told reporters he wasn’t so sure about a proposal circulating the legislature to drug test welfare recipients, according to the Columbus Dispatch. The idea — which hasn’t worked out so well in other states, mainly Florida — was introduced by Lancaster Republican Tim Schaffer as a way to ensure our hard earned tax dollars aren’t going straight into some basehead’s pipe.

However, on Tuesday, a kinder, gentler Kasich said he’d like to see more help offered to addicts on welfare, not finger wagging.

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