Great Lakes Brewing the Bitterness In LeBron's Wake

Umm... Where do we put the ring?
  • Umm... Where do we put the ring?

After the reprehensible, much-maligned and even more discussed "Decision," many Clevelanders have been left feeling rather bitter. And undoubtedly, more than a few people on the North Shore have tried to drown their sorrows.

So one championship squad in Cleveland is determined to show its love for the native land by showcasing its newest, ahem, draught pick, hoping to bring up the morale in our woebegone sports town: Great Lakes Brewing Company.

From Wednesday, July 14, to Saturday, July 17, GLBC will feature a new India Pale Ale called "Quitness" (need we explain?), a dry-hopped grog sure to invoke all the bitterness being felt around town. Patrick Conway, co-owner of GLBC, had this to say of the Quitness brew:

“Connecting to our city, our fans and our community has made Great Lakes Brewing Company what it is today. Making lemonade out of lemons comes naturally as evidenced by some of our other beers like the Burning River Pale Ale and Blackout Stout. Rest assured Cleveland — GLBC isn’t going anywhere and we will continue to win world [beer] championships.”

Much like our retroactively dethroned king, Quitness will be around for just a few short days, and will be available exclusively at the GLBC Brewpub across from the West Side Market starting at 4 p.m. today.

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