Great Lakes Science Center Temporarily Shutting Down OMNIMAX Theater for Upgrades

click to enlarge Great Lakes Science Center Temporarily Shutting Down OMNIMAX Theater for Upgrades
Courtesy Great Lakes Science Center
The theater inside the Great Lakes Science Center is closing, but just briefly. And when it reopens, it'll be better than ever. 

The Center's OMNIMAX theater is shutting down at the end of business on September 5. Upgrades and changes will include new seating and carpeting but most importantly a new three-projector laser illuminated projection system, capable of ultra-high 6k resolution, to replace the old 15/70mm film xenon-illuminated projector, which has been used since the theater opened in 1996.

The new changes are meant to keep up with the changes in resolution technology.

“The documentary films we show immerse you in breathtaking new perspectives on our world and our future. We are especially proud of the strong impact our documentary films have in inspiring an interest in science and technology related careers,” CEO Kirsten Ellenbogen said in the release. “Each year we have fewer films available to us in the traditional film projection format. The rarity and complexity of projecting in giant dome theaters has kept most institutions like us from converting, but we’re not deterred by the challenge of becoming the first laser-illuminated giant dome theater.”

A $1.8 million capital campaign made the upgrades possible.

When the theater reopens in mid-October, its new name will be the Cleveland Clinic Foundation Dome Theater. 

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