Group Lobbying for Charlie Sheen to Throw Out First Pitch at Indians Opener


Charlie Sheen is taking his fameball meltdown on the road with live shows across the country. The shows have sold out in minutes because, hey, who doesn't want to go see if he'll freebase crack and kill a hooker on stage, or film a live porno with a midget dressed as Jon Cryer.

There's no show in Cleveland yet, but one group is lobbying for Sheen to come to town to throw the ceremonial first pitch at the Indians' home opener on April 1st. As great as it would be to see Rick Vaughn step onto the field in uniform, there's a better chance Larry Dolan will actually stay awake for the game.

Anyway, the Facebook group is up near 500 fans, so go there to voice your support. We'll stand on the sidelines for this one. Let us know when there's a petition for the AllState guy to kill a live chicken on the pitcher's mound.

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