Guessing at Tom Heckert's Master Plan

Dude, thats what you think Im thinking?
  • Dude, that's what you think I'm thinking?

One of the nice things about writing for Scene Magazine is that nobody knows who I am. With a few minor tweaks, I feel like Harry Doyle’s commentary on the Indians’ attendance in Major League could easily cross apply to the hits I generate.

“In case you haven’t noticed, and judging by the comments section, you haven’t…”

But there is always a silver lining to every cloud. You see, with my powers of anonymity, I have been able to hole up in a certain NE Ohio hospital recently occupied Mister Tom Heckert.

Yes Tom, I was the “ugly” nurse. You have good gut instincts. I’m glad to have you on board the S.S. Holmgren.

But that being said, I am proud to announce I have the inside scoop on the Browns draft/ free agency plans. Yes, all those long hours of “recovery” were spent pouring over draft moves and roster adjustments, and I was privy to it all. (Not really, but roll with me anyway.)

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