What is the difference between Axl Rose and Pete Rose? First, both men will never make it into any Hall of Fame. Axl's performance, or lack of, proved he does not deserve to be inducted. His concert lacked substance and flow and he selected a group of musicians with very little talent or deserve to entertain the long standing, loyal GNR fans. He was lucky that former band members, like Slash, lasted as long as they did. Secondly, Axl and Pete are both thieves who steal from their fans. At least Pete did it behind our backs. But Axl took the fans money from over-priced concert tickets and came onto the stage at midnight as if the fans would not notice. I expected no less, but I did expect to hear some hard rocking vocals, which were completely absent. I always knew Axl was an egomaniac, but I never thought it to slap me in the face so hard. The only time Axl was happy during the concert was when he was standing on top of the piano or on the edge of the stage with all lighting shining on him. The only thing I imagined was Axl's internal voice screaming, "You people love me and always will". Well, guess what, Axl? I hope your "Nighttrain" never stops in Cleveland again or until you lose 50 pounds and learn how to sing again. Maybe Mick Jagger can give you some tips. Theresa Byham Rocky River, Ohio
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