Harvey Pekar Memorial Fund Blows Past Goal


Back in early November, we told you about the Kickstarter campaign to raise $30,000 to build a statue memorializing Cleveland writer Harvey Pekar. The beloved contributor to the art of comic-book storytelling died last year.

The campaign launched November 3 and and has officially ended, having far surpassed its goal; the fund now totals $36,888.

“Not to sound too much like Harvey, but I’ll relax when it’s deposited in the account,” says Pekar’s wife Joyce Brabner. That will happen at midnight today. One contributor gave $1,500, one gave $1,000, and another gave $500. But a majority of the 764 backers gave $100 or less — and most were strangers to Brabner.

“I knew some of them, but a number of them seem to have known me or had fond memories of meeting me and Harvey,” says Brabner. “There are all these great stories coming back to us, from as far away as Japan.”

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