He Misses Football Already

Mike Farley left Cleveland when LeBron was still reading the Pokey Puppy in to his grade-school classmates, so you can't blame him if he's inconsolable now that football season's over. The PR-company owner, freelance writer, and football enthusiast has started a blog called I Miss Football Season. It's is an online destination where fellow fanatics can congregate to discuss all things football. "Ultimately, I want everyone who feels the same way I do about the game to congregate and talk NFL football," he says. "I know I can't be the only one who feels that same sense of let-down when the Super Bowl ends." While SI.com and ESPN.com may have a leg up, seeing as how they're multimedia empires with little things like staffs and a budgets, Farley's website is less regulated -- which generally means more fun. It officially opens today, and anyone with online access is welcome to respond to Farley's musings. "I purposely adjusted the settings so that anyone could chime in," he said. "No special logins, no special passwords. Just come join the party, because we all know it's a long wait until the next kickoff." -- D.X. Ferris
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