He’s Innocent!

Drew thinks we suck -- and could use a good libel lawyer.

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Just thought you should know that everything you wrote in that article was complete and total bullshit [“Hush,” May 17]. If Carl did what you said he did, then he deserves to be punished, but I don’t believe that he did anything that you have published. I hope you have a good lawyer, lady, because I smell a slander lawsuit coming on.

Oh, and by the way, there’s no way you will ever rise above the Scene magazine as a journalist because I read a couple of your other articles and they suck. Come on, the article reminds me of a tabloid magazine.


Stoked About Strippers
Anonymous guy doesn't like strippers -- or us: First of all, I hope you get laid writing that silly article ["Stripped Off," May 31]. Please tell me that is your motivation. Having sex with strippers is fun; they are very sexual people, by the way. You really need to get out of your shell.

As someone who used to tend bar in the Flats for years, I am sure they gave you such an objective point of view. I mean, those girls won't do anything for attention. All they do is lie to people. Most have kids that are dropped off where ever, call grandma "mom," addicted to alcohol or drugs if not both, and are simply lazy.

I understand coming from a challenging environment, which 90 percent do, they take the easy way out. One out of ten might be going to school like they tell you and will do anything for your money!!! If you wanted to write an honest article, don't tell people you work for Scene and ask questions or sit and listen, you jack off.

If she was honestly stupid enough to give some convict her money, it's nothing worse than what she does everyday. Most girls go looking for companions that remind them of their fathers in that atmosphere.

You are a waste of space and your editor sucks for putting that shit on the front page. Poor strippers. People are starving in N.O., earthquake killed thousands, government lies to you everyday, and you headline POOR STRIPPERS.

Our empathy is certainly misplaced in this country, YOU ARE A DORK!!!!!!

-- Sent anonymously by [email protected]

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