Here are the 100 Most-Used Words By Ohioans Last Year (On Reddit)

Ah, the internet. Some of you keyboard pounders out there might spend some of your online time cruising the Reddit board devoted to the Buckeye State. One of the site's users did a big time public service for us all, part number crunch, part sociological window peep.  

Reddit user Niehaus sifted through the online chatter and blah-ing on Reddit, zooming in on the most-used words and lingo in the Ohio page. It gives us an interesting look at what people are saying and thinking about. So what are Ohio's talking about online?

Weed, apparently. Lotta weed. 

The results of the top 100 words are mapped out evocatively in the graphic above. Maybe not surprisingly, "Ohio" tops the tally, ringing the bell 3,446 times in 2015. Below you'll find a ranking of the top 15 words in Niehaus' ranking. Check out an interesting pattern there: 

#1: ohio:3446 times used
#2: issue:2849 times used
#3: marijuana:1853 times used
#4: vote:1379 times used
#5: amendment:1246 times used
#6: law:1148 times used
#7: ballot:1117 times used
#8: monopoly:1065 times used
#9: legalization:986 times used
#10: money:958 times used
#11: grow:909 times used
#12: bill:872 times used
#13: legal:699 times used
#14: market:638 times used
#15: weed:630 times used

Maybe it's just us, but it seems like a lot of the most-used verbiage ties back to the conversations bouncing back and forth over Ohio's failed push at marijuana legalization last year. So Ohio keyboard pounders are pretty hooked on the issue. If you are interested in checking out the full list of top 100 used words, click here. 

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