Here Are The Yelp Reviews of the Brook Park Travelodge That Got Shut Down Today

Here Are The Yelp Reviews of the Brook Park Travelodge That Got Shut Down Today
Today, Brook Park Mayor Tom Coyne and Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty joined forces and announced that they would be closing the nightmarish Travelodge at 16161 Brookpark Road.

WEWS sums up the matter quite succinctly in their morning report

According to Mayor Tom Coyne, more than 600 calls have been made about the hotel since 2013. About 22 calls have been made just in the month of January. Authorities say at least one case of human trafficking was investigated at the hotel.

The hotel parking lot was also being used as illegal parking for the airport, according to officials.

Authorities say this hotel is a nuisance and has been a breeding ground for drug and human trafficking.

Did you ever stay there? Are you still alive to share the tale? Here's a sampling of experiences from your peers over at Yelp:

Yuck, brown stuff on the towels, looked like the bed had been slept in, this place should be condemned. Skin crawling gross, clearly do not care. Online booking at "" clearly states free parking for 14 days, this is a hoax. The lady at the desk had no idea about parking, when I asked if she needed my vehicle info, she looked concerned about me leaving my car, then when I convinced her what I booked came with the parking, she just said, "ok, all set" clearly just giving up, and not really doing anything g to protect my car in the terrible area. I think this is the only reason people may choose to stay there. I took my car to the airport, I'm not leaving it there.

This place should be shut down yesterday. Now that I'm out of there I feel like I survived a zombie attack apocalypse and pumped for the rest of my vacation.

This place is DISGUSTING! The room smells like something died in here. Furniture is old and beat up, carpet has a disturbing number of stains and looks like it hadn't been cleaned in a decade. Hallway smells like BO and cigarettes- garbage piled in hallway. First receptionist literally ignored me for 20 minutes. Hands down the WORST hotel I've ever stayed in. DO. NOT. STAY. HERE.

This place was totally creepy. I felt like I was in the Shining except the hotel in the Shining had character. The room was filthy and looked like it hadn't been vacuumed in a month. I was half afraid there would be bugs in the beds. Fortunately I was exhausted after working at a wedding for 4 days. Take my advice and pay more. Next time it's the Marriott even if it's triple the price.

Not the best place to stay but not bad for $50 a night. If you'll be out the whole day and just need a bed to sleep in, this could be an option. Sheets had cigarette holes burned through them.. A/c was falling apart but working.. Towels smelled like vomit.. just took a shower and I already feel like taking another one. Has a bar and a taco place nearby.

DO NOT PARK YOUR CAR HERE. It sure was convenient when I didn't have anyone to take me to the airport and I could park my car here. The convenience ended when I came back from my vacation to find my catalytic converter on my car had been taken and a huge pipe still attached to my car was now laying on the cement. Owner did offer a free night to stay but the police officer I spoke with said that this is a terrible place to stay. Police officer also said he had received a call earlier the same day about someone having a part stolen. I hope this helps at least one person from getting a part of their vehicle stolen!

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