Here's One of the Anonymous Letters Sent to the Cleveland Museum of Art Trustees About David Franklin's Affair

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This week's feature delves deep into the affair, suicide and abrupt resignation that rocked the Cleveland Museum of Art.

There are multiple issues with the departure of former director David Franklin here, including what and when the museum knew of the affair and death, the Plain Dealer's curious lack of coverage and subsequent regurgitation of the board's version of events without so much as a question )but with plenty of chest thumping), and the willfully inept "investigation" the museum initiated into the relationship once it was tipped.

Here's one of the anonymous letters, according to a source, that was sent to all trustees — including PD publisher Terry Egger — back in January 2013. All board members have been instructed by the museum's lawyer not to talk to Scene, so we've obviously been unable to get comment on its contents.

You'll notice Christina Gaston is mentioned by name (Kestner now says she was never asked about the relationship during the investigation because they believed Franklin when he denied the affair) and that Steve Litt, the PD's reporter/stenographer is mentioned by name. Whether or not the author of the letter did in fact contact Litt with the accusations is unknown — multiple sources have told us he was aware of the rumors and affair for months — but by Litt's own admission, he did not look into those rumors until after David Franklin was forced to resign.

Here's the letter itself:


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