Here's the Check DC Comics Used to Buy Superman

What was once thought lost to the bowels of history and a random trashcan has been unearthed. Via Bleeding Cool, here's the check DC comics gave to Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster to purchase the rights to Superman.

$130. That's all it took. And while that number has floated around (and noted as one of the bargain's of the century), no physical evidence had been produced to back it up. Now you can see for yourself that the check, written for a grand total of $412 on March 1, 1938 , included a line-item for Superman at $130. The rest of the dough was for other projects Siegel and Shuster were working on at the time. Fun detail: their names are spelled wrong on the check, so they endorsed the back with both the correct and incorrect spellings of their names just to be sure. (Zoomed-in views at Bleeding Cool.)


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