House Republicans' "America Speaking Out" Site Exactly the Cesspool of Ignorance and Hate You'd Expect

This, by the way, is classified under civil debate.
  • This, by the way, is classified under "civil debate."

House Republicans today announced and launched a fancy social network-y kind-of-forum-ish site,, to gather legislative input from common, everyday people online — always a wise decision.

They apparently figured that the most civil, stimulating, and intellectual debate happens in comment sections and online forums and wanted to not only jump on that train of creativity and decency, but officially host and promote it as well.

It's been active for less than one day, but you can guess the quality and type and volume of "suggestions" that have already been proposed. Think racism, with a tinge of xenophobia, wrapped in a garment that displays the American flag on one side and the Shroud of Turin on the other, all while riding in a Monster Truck that blares "God Bless America" 24/7.

There are some reasonable, sane comments in there as well, ones more representative of the thoughtful and rational Republican base, but the majority of comments so far read something like this example, which was filed under the "American Values" section:

"This is a Christian nation. We should have Christian leaders. The nation of Islam has declared war on America. Why are we putting their followers in the highest position of power?"

Shocking, I say, to find this bile and nonsense on the interwebs.

Explain, again, Mr. House GOP Leader from Ohio John Boehner, what the purpose of this was?

To prove that they really, really care what the American public has to say, Republicans in the House of Representatives unveiled a new social networking-type website today at that's designed to solicit legislative ideas from the public and host online debates over those ideas.

"It's clear that Washington has been doing what Washington thinks is best, not what's best for America," House GOP Leader John Boehner of Ohio said at a press conference to unveil the initiative. "The purpose of this project is to give the American people a megaphone to speak out, using the best technology available."

Participants on the site's discussions will have to provide information about themselves when they register that Republicans said would be used to "ensure a civil debate."

Thank John Boehner, next time you see him, for giving America this megaphone to spark civil debate and let our lawmakers hear our voices and demands, like this one, which appeared shortly after the site went live: "Teach Creationism in schools whenever Evolution is taught."

Another?: "When any one comes to this country they should go by our laws, learn our language, and not expect us to change our way of life. We were not the ones who moved. We do not and should not have our rights and our way of life changed, we would have to accept the laws and some of the ways if we move."

Megaphones for everyone!

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Vince Grzegorek

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