How a stadium deal gets done

Forest City, ruler of Cleveland and close personal friend of Satan, even has influence over the Oakland A's
With news of a proposed soccer stadium in Summit County, and considering our city's tortured history with sports stadiums, there's an interesting story in Scene's sister paper, the East Bay Express, about the Oakland A's impending move to a place called Fremont. For sports fans, it's a nice behind-the-scenes look at how a stadium deal gets done. For Cleveland fans, it's a nice behind-the-scenes look at how Forest City, the local developers and political puppet masters, exact their influence across the country. The Express reports that there was a... a plan for a new entertainment district in Oakland's Uptown District, next to downtown, anchored by a ballpark and a refurbished Fox Theater. "It would have jumpstarted downtown Oakland," [City Manager Rober] Bobb recalled. But Bobb's boss, Mayor Jerry Brown, had other plans; he wanted the site for his friends at Forest City Enterprises Inc., a large housing developer. And so, sometime around 2010, the Indians will play host to a team likely called the Silicon Valley A's of Fremont. Catchy, ain't it? — Joe P. Tone
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