How Did I Never Catch This Inconsistency In The Indians' Style Before?



I'm born in raised in Cleveland, been a lifelong Indians fan, and worked with Paul Lukas of Uni Watch for over a year on his blog and research for his ESPN columns, and I'd never, ever noticed what one reader pointed out yesterday about a tiny inconsistency between in the Tribe's style.

Jason Whitt has found an inconsistency in the Indians’ identity program. The key is the “s” at the end of the team’s logo script. In the MLB style guide, the line of the script lettering ends with a little point inside the “s,”, and then the tail sort of emerges from the side of the letter out of nowhere. The style guide also shows that same interior point on the depiction of the jersey, and the point also appears on the team’s scoreboard. But the point isn’t shown on the actual jerseys worn on the field — instead, there’s a loop that then connects to the tail. Same thing on the navy alternate.

I haven’t yet gone back to check whether the jersey script used to include the point. Anyone know if it did? If so, when did it change?

I got in touch with Bart Swain, media relations guy for the Indians, and he had never noticed it before either.

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