How Many People do RTA Cops Arrest?


You see those RTA cops around, on buses, around the transit stations. (Or maybe you don't.)

What do they do exactly, beside glare menacingly at you when you try to ride without any pants? They hunt down fare-ditchers and otherwise try to make sure everyone enjoys a safe ride. How often are they called into action? (And by action, we mean slowly sauntering after a 14-year-old who decided his ride should be free today.)

NewsNet5 has last year's arrest data, which we hadn't seen before.

According to RTA statistics last year, transit police made 2,500 arrests for so-called "quality of life" issues, 1,502 fare evasions on the Health Line and 2,253 arrests on RTA's Red Line.

RTA notes the "quality of life" numbers are down from 2010, which we assume means fewer people are sticking chewing gum under seats. As for the rest of the data, chances are 99% of the incidents involve only St. Patrick's Day revelers and drunk Browns fans.

The transit service carries 60 million people every year, so those numbers may look large — over 6 arrests every day on the Red Line? — but they aren't really that bad.

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