How Not to Respond When Burger King Doesn't Make it Your Way


You have to walk into fast food restaurants with low expectations. It's the only way to maintain your sanity and trick your stomach into thinking that what your shoveling in your maw actually tastes good.

Sometimes you stumble on a surprise, a fleeting moment when that $1 menu item truly hits the spot and the burger resembles, in some nebulous way, what you thought you'd be getting. Other times, it comes out looking and tasting like immediate regret. Those are the breaks.

Good ways to respond to the disappointment: "Hey, asshole, you should have known this was going to suck."

Bad ways to respond to the disappointment: what this lady did in Cleveland Heights at Burger King when the King didn't make it her way. Via Cleveland Heights Patch:

A woman threw a double cheeseburger at a Burger King employee after she claimed the sandwich was not made fresh, and demanded a refund from the Mayfield Road store.

Employees called Cleveland Heights Police and reported that the woman was shouting obscenities earlier. According to employees, the 31-year-old Cleveland resident pulled in the drive-through and asked them to remake the double cheeseburger several times while her children ate their food in the car.

She was charged with disorderly conduct. No word on if she stopped by Dairy Queen on the way home to bury her regret in ice cream.

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