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Leave it to Fox News to marvel from afar at the plight of “the gays” and then to break it down helpfully for you there trying not to look like the lowest common denominator.

On Friday, the station could have reported about an Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) volunteer being in county Common Pleas Court on charges that he tampered with voting records and registered to vote under nine aliases, ending up getting caught the second time he tried to vote for Obama. But they went with the Brüno moment instead:

In telling the judge he's really a woman at heart, we know that Darnell Nash the transvestite was just trying to get the judge to put him in as gay as cell as possible. But Fox is all aghast at much an alternative lifestyle. Look at him being all feminine and stuff! And that hair!

Prosecutors say ACORN helped Nash register fraudulently, an allegation that ACORN vehemently denies. That could have been what they dug into, but who'd snicker at that? — Dan Harkins

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