At some point, maybe this year, a grand jury may hand down indictments in what will come to be known as “The People vs. Jimmy Dimora and Frank Russo, et al.” More than likely deals will be struck. But who knows — maybe we’ll be forced to endure spectacle of public officials standing trial. In either case, it will dominate the news for months, maybe years, allowing the real criminals to walk away, chuckling to themselves.

8829/1239203243-hagan-1.jpgTim Hagan and Chris Kennedy, I’m looking at you.

Technically it’s not a crime to be an arrogant prick. For some, that’s the real American dream, to have the wealth and/or power to turn over control of your mouth to your id. But it’s still a shocking thing to see in someone who’s not a twentysomething pro athlete or pop singer.

Hagan made no secret of the fact that he fancied himself a fixer, a man with a plan, when he ran against then-County Commissioner Tim McCormack in 2004. “What I heard was that there is a paralysis at the commissioners’ office,” he told Free Times then, “and that McCormack in particular is unable to work with people in a way that is constructive.”

“But above all,” Free Times noted, “he’s critical of the chaotic bickering that surrounded last year’s proposal to build a convention center. ‘You don’t try to put something on the ballot unless you’re ready to lead the way,’” he said.

But leadership can be so tedious, what with all the inspiring and persuading and reassuring it calls for in hard times. So much easier just to get into office and do what you want, ignoring or attacking any who dare to ask questions. All it takes is unwavering faith that you’re the only one who understands what must be done, the only one willing to shoulder the enormous burden of saving the dumbass proles from themselves.

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