Hudson Mayoral Candidate Doesn't Have an Actual Ph.D. Per Se


The Hudson mayoral race has generally been about anything but the issues. While personal attacks are part of most political campaigns, the race in Hudson provided enough of that petty carnage that coverage now includes headlines like this: "Controversy aside, Hudson mayoral candidates have addressed some traditional issues." Always good to fit in some actual policy discussion once in awhile.

One of the candidates, David Hack, has sued WKYC after the station questioned his military service record. And his supposed Ranger cred is not the only claim that's been challenged.

In his autobiography, Hack references his Ph.D. The problem? It appears he doesn't actually have one. Bonus: his explanation is pure gold.


At the weekly meeting of the Rotary Club of Hudson, Hack was asked about references he made in his autobiography to having a Ph.D. Hack answered that “Ph.D.” is simply “terminology” and that his degree came from “life experiences, not a civilian education.”

Yep, that's just terminology, you can use it however you please. Which is why Hack plans on calling himself mayor even if he loses the race. It's all just terminology. Just because words have definitions and meanings doesn't mean anything. Hell, we have a Masters in microbiology. Not from an actual school, mind you, but we've dealt with our fair share of microbes in the Scene staff fridge. If Hack has a Ph.D. from the streets, who are we to make fun.

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