HuffPo Clowns Kasich for State of the State Speech

So I thought that Parkinsons bit went over pretty well. Have to use it again at the 11 show.
  • "So I thought that Parkinson's bit went over pretty well. Have to use it again at the 11 show."

As you probably heard, earlier this week Governor John Kasich gave what was supposed to be a very serious update on how Ohio has fared over the last year, what your front-of-the-classroom-social-studies-types might know as a State of the State speech. Pretty important, right? Time-honored? Yup. Fully-dressed in ceremony and pomp? Absolutely.

As you also probably heard, Kasich diverted from the traditional script last week when planning this year's speech. Instead of giving the address in Columbus, he shuffled off to Steubenville. Strange? Sure is, but we'll give him props for trying something new.

What you can't really forgive the top man on the state executive branch is treating the speech like it ain't no thang. Then you end up with the millions-plus daily clickers at a web site like the Huffington Post waking up to a headline like this: "John Kasich Parkinson's Imitation Marks Ad Hoc Speech That Veered Off The Rails."

Instead of writing out and practicing his remarks, Kasich shot from the hip, freestyling a 70 minute yammer that included the following:

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