If You Have a Spare $9,670, This Diamond-Encrusted LeBron Pendant Can Be Yours


LeBron memorabilia is a crazy business. There's cards and jerseys, game-used gear and Nikes, bobbleheads and signed balls. Even if you're a seasoned collector with deep pockets, chances are that even the most prized possession in your collection isn't all that special. No matter how rare, someone somewhere probably has something just like it.

That is unless you have this unique diamond-encrusted pendant honoring King James. No one else is going to have anything like it. Probably because it's just about the most ludicrous LeBron item you could ever buy. Nevertheless, it's out there for anyone big on Bron baubles.

Via Sporting News' First Cuts:

As such a famous person, people do things for him that wouldn't make sense for many other people. For instance, someone had this custom jersey pendant made. It's covered with 307 diamonds around a gold body, and stamped with the number 23 and both "King" and "James". It's actually kind of startling to see, especially since James doesn't have the national cult of followers the same way someone like Kobe Bryant does.

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