I'll Take Two Hard Tacos and $2000, Thanks

Taco Bell has a strong track record of good decisions.
  • Taco Bell has a strong track record of good decisions.

It takes a special sort of local, fast food-related mishap to end up on Gawker, and that's just what one Taco Bell near Dayton accomplished recently. And it doesn't even involve drugs being sold through the drive-thru window!

When one woman ordered the finest in taco and processed ground meat offerings she was presented with a bag containing the Taco Bell franchise's cash deposit for the day. Upstanding woman that she is, she drove away and has not returned the loot. In her defense, I'd be pretty pissed too if someone substituted $2000 in cash for my gordita. Wait. No, I wouldn't.

If you're asking yourself why an employee would even think to hand a bag full of cash in a Taco Bell bag through the drive-thru window, you're not alone. The Taco Bell manager has an explanation. One that makes you question their bank deposit practices.

Details courtesy of the Dayton Daily News after the jump.

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