Indians team shop won't stop selling other teams' gear

If you can’t beat 'em, and joining them isn't really logistically feasible, then sell their merchandise! That’s been unofficial motto at Jacobs Field for some time, and it ain't changing because a few Tribe fans' feathers were ruffled. A small stink was started over the Indians’ practice of selling other team’s gear in the shops at the baseball park, after a Plain Dealer story pointed out the practice during the Indians' recent series with the Yanks, which, by the way, did not go well. It was bad enough having Yankees fans in the city. The Indians acting as enablers for their fans -- not to mention the trendy bastards trying to look like Jay-Z by wearing an NY cap -- only made it worse. At Tuesday night’s game against Detroit, the practice continued. Tigers caps and jerseys were as prevalent as shit-faced middle-aged men -- not the the majority, but they didn’t go unnoticed, either. Despite the outrage, the Indians say they have no plans to stop. -- TK Kim
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