Inmate/Guard and Inmate/Inmate Incidents at Cuyahoga County Jail Under Investigation

Two incidents that occurred in July of this year at the Cuyahoga County jail are under investigation.

In one case, an inmate allegedly assaulted a guard. In the other, an inmate allegedly assaulted another inmate. The details of those altercations and the names of those involved haven't yet been released.

Scene first inquired about the incidents on July 27, a week or two after they happened.

Cuyahoga County chief communications officer Mary Louise Madigan responded to those public records requests today, stating that "they are both open cases so there is nothing I can share."

They aren't the only incidents of violence against guards or inmates that have happened recently. Scene's aware of two others that occurred recently (one inmate-guard and one guard-inmate); public records requests on those incidents are outstanding, but given the length of the county's investigations (July incidents still being under review in September), they will probably not be available for awhile.

And, of course, there were the two incidents of use of excessive force by Brendan Johnson, a county jail employee who was fired earlier this year for deploying pepper spray without provocation on two female inmates and sweeping out the legs of one of them for no reason.

Connected to that case was the recent discipline levied against Sgt. Mark Thevenin, a two-decade veteran with the county law enforcement. The county jail supervisor was removed from the jail's special response team after an investigation found that he was aware of both incidents involving Johnson and yet failed to review video of them or properly compile reports.

Thevenin had given Johnson a glowing review last year, just weeks after Johnson was suspended for three days in an additional use of force incident; and Thevenin was given above average reviews last year by associate warden Eric Ivey.
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