Jim Brown To Appear in Hugh Hefner Documentary

Jim Browns moral compass (unpredictability included)
  • Jim Brown's moral compass (unpredictability included)
Jim Brown means different things to different people. 'Round these parts, to Browns fans at least, he's pretty much deified and untouchable. To football fans in general, he's got an almost Jordan-esque grip on the "Greatest of All-Time" reserved parking space for his sport. To most civil rights activists, he is an inspiration in athletics on par only with Muhummad Ali. And to the women he's knocked around from time to time over the decades, he's something of broken moral compass, saying one thing and doing another.

No one can deny that Jim Brown has an opinion on everything. And one filmmaker has drawn on many of those opinions for a new documentary about the life and times of Hugh Hefner. Brown apparently is a prominently featured interviewee, lauding Hef for his civil rights work in Chicago, among other things. Hef, however, is not often remembered by all civil rights activits, most notably the women who encouraged him to start walking around with a cotton tail on his ass and see how he liked it, as a valiant player in civil rights efforts. Brown, however, was a good friend of Playboy's founder, even appearing on the TV show "Playboy After Dark" in 1969.

With sideline activities like those, we'd have all probably quit football too. — Nick Baker

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