Jimmy Dimora Will Stay in Jail Until July Sentencing


Jimmy Dimora will be sentenced in July after being convicted on 33 counts of douchebaggery and corruption earlier this year. Judge Lioi had previous ordered the former Cuyahoga County Commissioner and elastic waistband aficionado detained in custody until then.

Dimora's attorneys had pressed for release, pleading that Jimmy was a man of the people and of little means, no flight risk (insert your own joke there) at all since he had family and friends in Cleveland. Further evidence: King Cuyahoga had been an upstanding defendant by showing up to trial every day in Akron without once trying to to make a beeline for the border or the nearest Swenson's.

In her ruling, Judge Lioi sided with prosecutors, arguing that a) Dimora's friends were the ones he got in trouble with in the first place; b) He clearly showed no regard for his family by dipping his Democratic Chairman Pen into anything that would have it, so why would he have any problem putting them in the unenviable position of stuffing him into a crate and shipping him to Tijuana; and c) His health concerns do not eliminate him from being a flight risk.

Oh, we didn't mention the health issues? Well, this is the first anyone's actually heard of them, including the judge. The details of the health problems were sealed, so we don't know exactly what his ailments include. (Though, given Jimmy's girth, we could guess.)

Lioi was having none of it. Read her full opinion over at Cleveland.com.

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