Joe the Plumber Mugs for Photo, Asks for Campaign Contributions

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Sam “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher really wants to stretch those 15-minutes of fame into overtime. After asking then-candidate Obama a tough question on the campaign trail in '08, the Toledo-area kind-of plumber has been walking the country as a conservative pin-up king. As you might of have heard, like a long line of fame-whores, his latest stab to stay in the spotlight involves a long-shot congressional run. He's currently trying to raise money for his campaign, a money-grabbing effort that includes promotional photos on Facebook. This latest one, posted yesterday, apparently has Wurzelbacher showing off how he can burrow under houses, navigate the subterranean alligator-filled infrastructure below, and crest his dome topside wherever he pleases, like your linen closet. Unsuspecting Commies beware. Gawker appropriately slapped this headline over the shot: “Joe the Plumber Witnessed Doing Actual Plumbing (for a Photo Shoot).”

If threats of home invasion aren't enough to coerce some dollars out of your wallet for the campaign, maybe Joe's body politic is enough. If you look down at some of the comments (we've posted them after the jump below), some supporters have their eyes on more than Wurzelbacher's policy positions.

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