John Demjanjuk Convicted for Role in Nazi Camp


John Demjanjuk was convicted in a German court of working as a guard at a Nazi death camp and ushering thousands of Jews to their deaths. The retired autoworker was found guilty on 28,060 counts and sentenced to five years in prison. He has been released pending appeal.

The long, sad, convoluted tale of Demjanjuk is as tiresome at this point as it is essential, as perpetually fascinating as it is boring, but in some regards, the 18-month trial and today's verdict means it's over.

For the long-view, for perspective, for how we got from here to there with John Demjanjuk, look no further than this piece from Esquire, which delves into the trials, accusations, falsehoods, truths, and hysteria that have followed the man for decades. We really can't recommend it enough.

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