John Elway Endorses Mitt Romney, Completely Squashes Candidate's Chances in Northeast Ohio (Updated)

You son of a . . .
  • You son of a . . .

Update: Radio blimp Rush Limbaugh reads Scene, as he agrees. From Politico:

“Hey, here’s a question for you. Elway endorses Romney. Elway is hated in Ohio. Elway was the author of ‘The Drive’ against the Cleveland Browns, one of the most famous games in NFL history. So is Elway’s endorsement of Romney gonna hurt Romney with Browns fans because the Browns are all important in Ohio, and they hate Elway? Well, I’m just throwing it out there. I mean it’s the way the media might analyze this. I’m just trying to prepare you for what might come of this. It’s the way they connect the dots,” he said, laughing, according to the transcript. “I know it sounds ridiculous."


Or maybe even the entire northern half of Ohio, no? The Romney campaign is making a lot of noise lately for boneheaded decisions. For a particular slice of the needed electorate, this is a special kick in the crotch. The Browns nation is a touchy, wounded mass spreading to all corners of the Buckeye state. Only Art Model and Lebron James have better seating on the shit-list for Cleveland sport fans.

Nonetheless, this week, the former Broncos quarterback — he of the Drive — announced to the world he was a Romney guy.

Really, with Ohio such a choice prize in the upcoming Presidential election, you would think the Romney camp would be smart enough to not truck out an Elway endorsement, or at least downplay the support. Sure this might nudge some votes in Romney's direction in Colorado. But in Ohio, Jesus this could only do damage. Do you realize how many people hate John Elway in Ohio? But then again, we're just irrationally bitter — like every other Browns' fan of voting age.

From the horse's mouth:

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