John Kasich and the Shale Drilling Industry are Here to Help All 34-Year-Olds Living in Their Mom's Attic


John Kasich was in D.C. to participate in an energy summit yesterday and he took the opportunity to blast wind and solar power lobbyists for trying to commandeer the renewable energy market while shutting out other alternatives like cogeneration.

In the midst of his attack on the dastardly wind and solar contingent, Kasich said this: “I’m a little disappointed when people lobby, and totally in self-interest.” That's not the point here, but we think that might be a quote to tuck away for later use.

Anyway, along with waste-heat capture, Kasich mentioned shale drilling. Via the Columbus Dispatch, here's what that magnanimous industry means to society.

• Kasich said shale drilling is an industry that “gives Mom an opportunity to get her 34-year-old son out of their attic and actually get a job.”

But, Mr. Kasich, does that mean he has to give up blogging?

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