John Kasich Peed in the Pool and Other Funny Objections to the GOP Candidate for Governor From Ohio State Students

Look how happy his summer home in Ann Arbor makes him.
  • Look how happy his summer home in Ann Arbor makes him.

With classes over for the summer, the members of the OSU Democratic Club suddenly have too much time on their collective hands. So they’ve create a website spotlighting what they don’t like about Republican candidate for governor John Kasich. What’s their beef? Afraid his plan to eliminate the state income tax means skyrocketing tuitions? No, nothing quite as logical as that.

The site,, features dozens of the kinds of gag beefs only college kids could dream up: John Kasich Unfriended You. John Kasich Peed in the Pool. John Kasich Left Red-Eye in Your Picture. John Kasich Borrowed Your Pen and Didn’t Give It Back. John Kasich Broke up with You Through a Text. John Kasich Thinks That Dress Makes You Look Fat. John Kasich Has a Vacation Home in Ann Arbor. And most damning of all: John Kasich Likes Nickelback.

They also helpfully provide a link to the Ohio Democratic Party’s website in case you want the serious reasons to oppose Kasich. On the other hand, if John Kasich DID have a vacation home in Ann Arbor, that would be deal-breaking stuff for a Buckeye. — Anastasia Pantsios

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