J.R. Smith Might Have a Role in Space Jam 2

click to enlarge J.R. Smith Might Have a Role in Space Jam 2
Photo courtesy Emanuel Wallace
So far most of the talk about a Space Jam sequel seems to be only recently coming into concrete terms instead of mythical speculation — there's a screenwriter attached now, and maybe a director, and probably LeBron — but when it does happen (fingers crossed) J.R. Smith might be in the mix too.

The production team for Space Jam 2 has reportedly reached out to J.R. Smith for a possible part in the film. LeBron James was previously said to have been tapped for the lead role, according to TMZ.

J.R. says at this point he's not sure if he wants to be a movie star anytime soon, and only one person could change that.

"I've got some other things I want to do this summer," Smith told cleveland.com. "I figure the biggest thing is if LeBron says he wants me to do it."

"I want J.R. to do everything," James said told cleveland.com. "Obviously, I've got so much other stuff right now that I'm not even... I may have some time this week. So if I get a phone call throughout this week, I'll let you know. I haven't even brought that up."

Only time will tell. But yeah, please make this happen, universe.
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