Judge Scolds Frank Dienes for Playin' Crazy (Updated)

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Update: Frank Dienes had already been ruled competent to stand trial by one doctor but his legal team had been considering asking the judge to allow a second independent doctor to rule on Dienes' mental state. That was up until yesterday. Wednesday morning Dienes' lawyers told the court Dienes would accept the first doctor's ruling. (In the original post below, Dienes had been scolded by the judge for trying to game the system and convince doctors that he was mentally unbalanced.)

Judge Russo said any plea agreement that would be made would have to be completed by September 21, otherwise Dienes will head to trial November 14. (NewsNet5)Grzegorek


Doctors have determined Frank Dienes has sufficient marbles to stand trial for the murder of Seven Hills’ eccentric Joe Kopp. As we reported in May, Dienes is accused of shooting Kopp and burying the body in the backyard of his leafy suburban spread; he’s also has been liked to the Amy Mihaljevic case — a connection that has created a mini-storm of media interest around the bizarre murder.

Yesterday morning, Dienes was in court again, this time fielding a finger wagging from Judge John Russo. His eminence said the defendant was trying to fake his way through pysch examinations.

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