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Letters published April 12, 2006

Every family has its ups and downs: If all families treated each other the way the Assad family does, our country would be a much better place to live ["House of Sand and Fog," March 15].

This is a good family. Its members work hard to provide for their children. They support one another in times of need.

I know of several American families with many children. They've suffered events ranging from accidental shootings to running children over. The Assad family is only newsworthy because the family is Arabic. Our culture treats people differently, according to what country they're born in. We need to remember that this country was not ours originally. None of us is from America.

I'm not slamming your article. I just wanted you to know that there are American people who respect this family.

A.J. Reese

Down Is Up
And rah, rah, siss boom bomb:
Those of us old enough to remember the Vietnam War can appreciate Tom Tomorrow's April 4 "This Modern World" cartoon. Back then, there were cheerleaders for war (Hemingway's trenchant phrase) grumbling about the alleged liberal bias of the news media.

The charge was much contradicted during the 1972 presidential campaign, when almost every newspaper in the land favored incumbent Nixon over challenger McGovern. It is almost laughable to recall that the latter was drawn as a firebrand who had twice been elected to the Senate from that ever-so-radical state, South Dakota.

Well, the beating of swords into plowshares will have to wait for yet another generation or two, provided that it pleases God to let the world last so long.

William Dauenhauer

Case in Point
Somebody phone Tom Tomorrow:
In Frank Zrilich's revisionist history lesson [Letters, March 29], he blames Democrats for supposed problems created by the military draft during World War II. The usual purpose of someone attempting to rewrite history is to make people forget the facts.

The fact is, World War II was won while the country was under the leadership of Democrats. It was rich Republicans and fat-cat industrialists (Prescott Bush, etc.) who supported Mussolini and Hitler in the 1930s and even into the 1940s, as the war raged on.

Mussolini said that "Fascism should more rightfully be called Corporatism, because it is the merging of corporate and government power" -- much as it is today.

The fact is that rich Republicans liked Mussolini's corporate-style government so much that in 1933 they actually devised a plan to overthrow Franklin Roosevelt. They hated Roosevelt's implementation of social programs like welfare, Social Security, and Medicare (much as they hate them today), because such initiatives took money away from their own corporate-welfare programs.

A simple Google search using the words "Plot to overthrow FDR" will show how the coup was foiled.

Republicans actually are fascists who want to control our country, so they can more easily funnel federal tax dollars into their pockets; their motivation is greed, not patriotism. And in the meantime, they try to rewrite history to make themselves out to be heroes -- much as Hitler did in the 1930s.

So here is the final solution for Zrilich's supposed problems with a military draft: Draft only Republicans, and take away their deferments.

Of course, getting them to the front lines to actually fight for their country would be another matter.

Steve Daniels

Open Season on Amish
Money-lenders, milk stooges -- yikes:
A Google search led me to your article on predatory lending in the Amish community ["Broken Trust," November 2]. Well done!

After visiting an Amish farm in Parkman Township on a job-related issue, I had a hunch that something was amiss. I decided to do a little research on my own and discovered that, unfortunately, Richard Haig and World Home Lending are still alive and well in the Geauga County Amish community. Thanks for shedding light on this issue.

David Munoz

A Glossy Finish
Nothin' in that pen but whitewash:
As an old crony of Ron Watt, Mike Roberts is clearly not the guy to write this story ["Mr. Big," March 29]. Watt is an unrepentant thief who stole from the same community he claimed to love. We're all the victims of this lout's actions -- through increased fees at the banks he ripped off and through the tax dollars that are going to be spent to house him at Club Fed.

I'm not surprised that Roberts turned in a puff piece. I'm just surprised that you ran it.

Tom Smith

So Go Already
Get that load of fertilizer out of our backyard:
Anyone who wants that "New York feel" should move their sorry ass to New York ["Dear Cleveland," March 1]. Happy hour is the same anywhere you go -- usually a bunch of overpaid yuppies trying to fit their fat asses into their khakis, loosening their ties and telling everyone what a tough day they had, trying to tell all the girlies how they are "somebody."

New York is what it is -- let's keep it there. Cleveland is a great place to live, with great people and good bars, clubs, and restaurants. We don't need that bullshit "New York feel."

Jess Fisher
Rocky River

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