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Letters published March 24, 2004

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Just Kidding
A laff riot
: Having never read Scene before, I must confess that I found Frank Lewis's article "Don't Be a Savya Hata!" [February 25] hysterically funny. Thank you, Mr. Lewis, for your talented article. I look forward to reading more.

Angie Caudill

It's all in the mind: The introduction of "intelligent design" -- or for those who do not abide such faux-naïf bull, creationism -- in Ohio schools leaves a lot to be desired. Has anyone at the board even considered the inherent bias of such teachings? Sure, "intelligent design" affirms that some magical, omnipotent power living in a giant shoe gave life to us common folk, but as to who or what exactly, teachers cannot say within the confines of a classroom. Even if some artless disciplinarian had the chutzpah to even hint at Jesus, that person would have undoubtedly pissed on the judgment of another religion.

At least this will justify rational discourse in Ohio schools on the validity of Darwin's theories. Like say, the ineffable name of our deity is none other than . . . the Tooth Fairy! Four score and ten eons ago, where there was nothingness, organic matter soon swirled, in the form of teeth! Submit blind fealty to our almighty Tooth Fairy! She will show believers wherein they have sinned, lest the damned die an acidic death in the pools of sugary, carbonated soda! She has chosen Ohio to enter the pearly white gates of her divine maw!

Sure it's outlandish, but it is just as valid a religion as any other, right?

Kelley Gaines-El the II

Actions speak louder than words: I'm a retired science-textbook editor/publisher who spent many a day in textbook hearings during the '60s and '70s, parrying the thrusts of misinformation that the creationists (now ID promoters) put forward. The "young Earth" creationists who dominated the public stage then were fairly easy to counter, but the ID promoters of today, who cloak their proposals in the language of science with seemingly innocuous appeals to fair-mindedness and avoid references to religion, prey on a vulnerable and ignorant public.

Kelvin Kean
Elverson, PA

They'll miss the whiff of spoof: It is both ironic and tragic that a sizable proportion of Scene's readership will no doubt believe that Frank Lewis's "Don't Be a Savya Hata!" is objective reporting and not discern it as a complete spoof.

Brian Larson
University Heights

Rights Fight
This citizen has two moms:
In response to "Bob Taft's Hidden Desires," February 11: To summarize, the very rights upon which this country was founded are being compromised. That idea that "all men are created equal" is apparently not "self-evident" among today's political leaders. The rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are being denied.

I'm the child of lesbian parents. I need to speak out against those who wish to deny my parents equal rights to marry, adopt, assume pension benefits, share Social Security, Medicare, and health care, or file joint tax returns. My parents deserve to be seen as a loving couple, who care for their children and provide for their family. Their contributions to the community by way of taxes, investments, military service, volunteerism, and activism are disregarded. I want to see this stopped. My parents are not second-class citizens and do not contribute any less to the community than heterosexual couples do.

I want to serve as an example of the well-adjusted, intelligent, accepting, loving children that gay and lesbian parents can raise. I want to find other adult children of gays and lesbians who also feel cheated and undeserving of such stigma and fear. I look forward to working with many of you who are willing to join me in this fight for your families!

Erinne Kovi Dyer

Reppin' for Principle
Blame the people, not the party
: Good article on John Farina, who is a good guy ["The Enemy Within," March 3]. I can't say that I disagree with him, but I think it's still too early for good people to bail on the Republican Party.

Most of the Republicans I've worked with have been warm, civilized people, who don't share the mindset of the bigots who presently control the White House. When that crowd is gone, if we are to have a real two-party system in which differing beliefs about government intervention in people's lives are honestly debated, someone must remain to pick up the pieces.

I believe that less government is good; that makes me a Republican. Unfortunately, the present national leadership wants to intervene in people's private lives. That is not a Republican principle.

I have represented people in divorces for over 24 years. In all that time, I have not once seen a marriage broken up by a gay man or woman; I have seen plenty broken up by straight men and women. "Defense of Marriage" would mean a Saudi-type law. Let's bury it with the miscegenation laws and other garbage of the past.

George McDonald

Try writing something intelligent: Pete Kotz had the opportunity to write an interesting article about a gay man in the Republican Party. Instead, he used it to make sweeping generalizations and make sure the reader was well aware of his political beliefs.

Equating Republicans with the KKK? AIDS and the Apocalypse? Come on, Kotz, you can be more original than that.

Many blacks take great offense at this latest push for gay marriage being equated with the fight for civil rights. And pity those poor people in southern Ohio, who just aren't as enlightened as you, Pete. It would be helpful if you could produce a chart for your readers of acceptable and unacceptable targets of stereotypes. It might look like this:

OK to stereotype: Christians, Republicans, Southerners, and anyone not as progressive as Pete Kotz.

Not OK to stereotype: Abortion fans, homosexuals, feminists, and non-Christians.

If he wants to push an agenda, an intelligent argument may actually sway some of his readers. Gross generalizations and insults are a turn-off.

Sioann Monroe
Cleveland Heights

Spout what they will, they're still mobs: Stranger things have happened. The Republican Party was the party of Abraham Lincoln and protective tariffs. The Democratic Party was the party of southern whites. David Brock and Matt Drudge are gay. A gay contestant won the big prize on Ted Nugent's reality show. The idea that political parties are much more than a form of mob behavior might even come to an end.

Ryan Costa

Time to catch another flick: Pete Kotz's stereotyping of gay and lesbian Republicans seems to come straight from the only movie you guys ever watched, Birth of a Nation.

I know John Farina, and I doubt that he liked Kotz casting all gay and lesbian Republicans into the fires of hell. I would also like to point out that Kotz's viewpoints don't sound too compassionate either. Kotz did make one true statement: Democrats are not much better. As a matter of fact, some prominent national gay groups have already said they will give John Kerry a "pass" when it comes to his personal disdain for gay marriage and a "pass" to his thumbs-up for the Massachusetts constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages. Gay Democrats have nothing to cluck about, if the best person they can endorse is Kerry.

The fight for gay and lesbian issues and for individual rights is on this side of the political fence -- not inside the confines of a Democrat baby crib.

Dale Giesige, Chairman
Log Cabin Republicans of Cleveland

Bad Press
Dissed and pissed
: I just read the article "Showtime" [February 11]. I was totally displeased with it. Jimi Izrael said some very bad things about my production. Izrael totally misled me. Playhouse Square is very upset with the article as well.

Izrael had me believe that he was gonna say nice things about me and my cast members. I am the first and only black playwright to sell out the Kennedy [Theater]. I understand Izrael's job as a critic, but he didn't say anything good about me or the production. It's like he hated on me to the fullest! I've had reviews in the past, and it was all uplifting to an African-American male in this business. So I'm saying to Izrael as a black brotha': You tried to hurt me. I was deceived by you.

T.Y. Lajardin Martin

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