K1X's Summer Collection: All World B. Free, All the Time


K1X's new summer collection, coming in May, was designed and inspired completely around World B. Free. We're not just talking t-shirts here, basketball loving people. We're talking shoes, shorts, hoodys, sweats, a jacket, and, yes, a couple of different tees.

Other than to say that the collection is completely sharp, dope, etc., and World B. Free might be my favorite Cavs player of all time, and that he just lends himself naturally to apparel design — "The Prince of Mid-Air," the 'fro — I can only say I can't wait until this drops in May because I'll be buying. Check out the gallery below, which includes a pic of the dapper Mr. Free himself.

Most of the gallery is below, but make sure you click through the jump for more of what I am deeming The Greatest Apparel Collection Ever.




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